June 27, 2017

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties, I am thinking of getting a new passport at the KTAI.  The Kitty Traveling Agency International.  I need to go overseas to Boomie's house and then straight on to Austin's home and stopping at Eric and Flynn's memorial.  I may ask permission to shop the mousie holes they have there.

Here's my photos for the passport.  All views so there will be no doubt.  I would love to visit the Poupounette  and visit the horses, but they may be busy.  I'll get the tunnel ready....

No mistaking my woman-catly look

My serious look

My sorta profiles

Looking the other way.  The photographer took these last night.

June 24, 2017

I'm All That Matters

I'm the start and finish of the day around here~ doesn't matter if she is gone most of each day. It's still all about me.

June 19, 2017

Dreaming the Night Away...

both fangs are out...

Nictitating membrane showing as flashy box woke me...

Another view of the Queen of the House sleeping soundly

June 13, 2017

Just About Wordy Wednesday...

Kitties, it's almost wordy Wednesday...er I mean Wordless Wednesday.  Let's see what I can do.

Turtle made his first trip into the bedroom last night! 

Two front feets, a tailio, and a back foot! 

June 9, 2017

How I Get Her to Rise and Shine...By Katie I.

Kitties!  It's 6 am.  How much longer does she need to roll around in that haystack?  I have come in, leapt over her like a salmon going upstream.  I have done that at least three times.  I am going to land on her stomach next.  I think she senses that because she reached up to take the brace off her carpal tunnel syndrome hand.  She sleeps with it on and bonks me with it in her sleep too often.  Just saying.

So, she took it off but she turned over and went back to SLEEP.  I waited an interval and leapt onto the bed again.  This time I checked her face in the semi dark and her eyes were closed.  So, I patiently waited a few minutes and then, I inserted my paw into her ear.  It was warm as I am, soft as the fur that covers it and very sweet.  Gets her every time.  She smiled, opened her eyes and said good morning.  That then started my morning song.  I purr very hard at the first words-- and when she sits on the edge of the bed, I get snuggles and smoochies.  But the impawtent thing is...breakfast is coming for us both.  We are breakfast eaters.

Favorite brovver is here till in the morning so he got bacon, eggs over easy, toast and butter, and coffee. I didn't wake him in his room. We let him get up when he feels like it. I got Salmon marinated morsels.  But I gave them back.  In the living room on the carpet. I came into the computer room which is my room really, and snoopervised mom till she started getting brovver's breakfast ready.

Then I stayed with brovver while she went out to take pictures today.  She thoroughly enjoyed herself.  Hot hot hot...extremely sunny, deep blue sky.  Perfect.  I have brovver this evening and till noon tomorrow then he will head home.  I think he comes over just to see me, but don't tell mom.  He and I are bonded too.

June 7, 2017

A Little Disparity Here...(mom says)

Kitties, the problem here is what?  What can it be? Mom...  is there a problem?

I'm on the left...she's on the right.  The problem is???

Looking further into the matter...

I am working.  You know...working?

Short break.  Your stool is comfortable and waiting for you.  NO one is stopping you.